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    Hi, my name is Sal . I have been living in New York for all of my life. A few years ago, I met a wonderful woman from Australia and we were married on top of the World Trade Center on Valentines Day of 2001. I have been making candles, lotions, incense and other homemade products from my home ever since. I love making them and enjoy the wonderful aroma around my house all the time because of these creations. I am sure after you try our Free Samples you will want these wonderful products in your home as well.

My heart goes out to the people whose lives were destroyed on that terrible day of 9/11/2001.

God bless and rest their souls.

    It is known that people are receiving much less for their money and not getting what they bargained for in certain skin care products. Australian Life Spice believes in everything natural and organic from foods to natural skin care & bath products.

    When you walk into a store looking to purchase an all natural hand lotion with no animal by-products, you expect it to be so. Many times after looking upon the label you find the product to contain the ingredient wool wax. It was not clear what it was, so we defined it.

    Wool wax can only be found from the fatty substance that is found underneath the sheep's wool, which is most commonly known as lanolin? This is determined as an un-natural product for it contains an animal by-product.

    Throughout these years Australian Life Spice has been researching the ingredients of all skin care products and finding that most of them come with chemicals that are hazardous to your health and alcohols that act as drying agents! (and we are supposed to put this on our skin).

    All of our organic and natural products are made from vegetables, plant forms, herbs, fragranced oils and essential oils for their therapeutic values; and do not contain alcohols that dry out the skin or cause skin rashes. They do not and are not taken from any animal or have any chemicals whatsoever in them!

    Many natural products are so overpriced and companies that make them do not take the time to care about what they put in they're products, mostly how fancy their packaging can be to make their products more sellable! Therefore something had to be done. A new creation into the world of body oils and fragrances, a company called Australian Life Spice was born. This company would specialize in all natural bath & body products which will be the most wonderful for your skin!

    Australian Life Spice makes all of our own hand & body, foot lotions, incense, oils, etc. from scratch. These products are enriched with vitamins C & E and our finest unrefined African shea butter which helps the healing process of small wounds, dermatitis, cracks, crevices, skin ulcers and helps to prevent wrinkles which brings back that youthful look.

    Australian Life Spice¡¯s shea butter lotion is also very good in preventing stretch marks, especially for woman during pregnancy. Using this generously each day upon the stomach and breasts will aid in reducing stretch marks generously.

    Our foot lotions contain cocoa-butter to retain and restore moisture that your skin looses from day to day exposure to the elements and cleansing. They will absorb quickly into your skin leaving it feeling refreshingly soft and clean. This foot lotion can also be used as a hand lotion for people whom have very rough to dry cracked skin.

    All of our products are made from scratch and are all natural. None of our products contain any wool wax or ethyl alcohol, which can dry out your skin.

    Only Australian Life Spice¡¯s body spritzer¡¯s contain a little of an organic alcohol made from potato starches (not chemicals to dry out your skin) just to aid in evaporation. And to soften we add aloe vera (filled with natural antioxidants) to moisturize and cleanse your skin at the same time!


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