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Made in Brooklyn NY.
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Hand Dipped Incense

Did you know incense were first used by early Egyptian and Indian civilizations, as a basic ingredient for sacrificial rituals, to counteract disagreeable odors, and drive away demons?

Incense was said to both manifest the presence of the gods and to gratify them. They have been a feature of religious ceremonies worldwide since ancient times dating back to 5,000 BC for the sacrificial fire and the pleasure of the gods.

Now commonly incense sticks are used for aroma therapy, relaxation, to cover bad odors, churches for prayers and to cleanse the house.

Here at Australian Life Spice we make the finest quality hand dipped incense which not only burns longer but has eccentric fragrances to accompany your needs. These hand dipped incense sticks are made with either fragrance oils or with real essential oils for their therapeutic values.

Incense sticks are a full 12 inches in length and not dried out like some other well known leading brands that make you pay more money for lesser quality.

Please see our wide variety of aromas which are suited for you?

Hand Dipped Incense
Quantity 35 Pack 55 Pack 100 Pack
Price: $2.99 $4.99 $6.99
35-pheromone-pack! +19.99
55-pheromone-pack! +19.99
100-pheromone-pack! +19.99
Qty: Add Pheromones to:
Incense Fragrances:

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Now commonly incense is used for:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Relaxation
  • Cover bad odors
  • Churches for prayers
  • Cleanse your home

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