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Made in Brooklyn NY.
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Medium Candles

This candle is made in a beautiful reusable crystal glass, which may be reused for tapered candleholders or rinse out and use for dipping sauces for those special occasions to spice up a wonderful meal.

This candle will add great d�cor and vibrancy to your home, office or dining by candlelight with that special person in your life.

Burning Time 10 hr
Price: $2.99

10hr Crystal Candle
Price: $2.99

Qty: Burning Time:
Approx. 10hr
Assorted Fragrances:

Here at Australian Life Spice we make the finest quality home made scented candles. They are made with natural fragranced oils or essential oils. The real benefits of these aromatherapy candles are to uplift your spirits, add warmth, vitality and vibrancy to your home.

We believe in using the finest blend of bees and soy waxes for our candles. This enables you to enjoy a longer lasting and non-toxic burning of a non-petroleum product such as paraffin wax that most other candles companies have been known to use.

We also use paper core wicks instead of wire wicks because it helps them to burn longer with no sooty residue. It also keeps away any toxins in the air that you would breath, which can cause lead poisoning and other respiratory infections. And because they are made with no artificial ingredients, they are 100% biodegradable and environmentally safe.

Our candles come in three different sizes and made in a variety of beautiful crystal glasses that can be reused. These candles may come in a variety of wonderful colors and fragrances. Please feel free to let us know whether you would like us to blend any fragrances of your desire! We will custom make them especially for you.

At last a candle that is safer for the environment and yourself
100% natural wax made from soybeans grown in the U.S.A.
And 100% natural bees wax.
Discover the joy of soy today!

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