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Made in Brooklyn NY.
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Homemade Bath and Body Gifts Body Oil Gifts Hand and Body Lotion Gifts Homemade Candles Homemade Gifts Homemade Incense Homemade Oil Burners

Homemade Gifts

Affordable gift baskets from We will be adding different size gift baskets and unique gifts as we expand our horizons. As always, we will bring you the nicest quality homemade gift baskets with our finest bath and body products. All our unique homemade gifts are wonderful for men and women. We have the perfect gift for the special person in your life.

Please choose from our homemade gifts below

Small Unique Gift Baskets Filled With Homemade Gifts
Small Gift Baskets Full Of Homemade Gifts

Create Your Small Gift Basket Now!
Medium Gift Baskets Filled with Homemade Gifts
Medium Gift Baskets Full Of Homemade Gifts

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Large Unique Gift Baskets Filled with Homemade Gifts
Large Gift Baskets Full Of Homemade Gifts

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Please browse our homemade gifts in our beautiful gift baskets done up for any occasion. Click a gift basket above to see more details.

All these wonderful revitalizing healthy and all natural gifts can be delivered to your door or anywhere you like. We make all our homemade gifts in New York, but ship anywhere in the world. Please see our gift selections and mix and match any fragrances or products you desire. We can also put together any combination you wish for any special occasion.

Homemade gifts and gift baskets from Ausslifespice. Making unique homemade gifts from homemade products.

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Bath and Body Products
  * Revitalizing Sea Salts
  * Lavishing Body Spritzers
  * Vibrant Cleansing Lather

Body Oils
  * Aroma Therapy Oils
  * Essential & Fragranced
  * Soothing Aromatic Massage

Hand and Body Lotions
  * A Skins Dream
  * Uplifting & Moisturising
  * Heels The Skin

Homemade Candles
  * Made With Bee's Wax
  * Many Colors & Sizes
  * Wonderful Fragrances

Homemade Gift Baskets
  * Affordable Homemade Gifts
  * Unique Gift Baskets
  * Wrapped For Any Occasion

Homemade Incense
  * Hand-Dipped Incense
  * Rids House of Odors
  * Wonderful Fragrances

Oil Burners
  * Inexpensive
  * Safer Than Others
  * Heavy Wrought Iron

  * Female Hygiene
  * Avoid Dirty Toilets
  * Disposable & Biodegradable

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